Connecticut Woman's Lacrosse Officials Association offers certification and training for youth and adult officials who work public, private, middle school and youth lacrosse games in the State of Connecticut.

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Information for those interested in officiating girls youth lacrosse

for a youth officials clinic

Junior Officials Training/Certification

You must be at least 14 years old to become a youth official

Become a Youth Lacrosse Official
CWLOA trains and certifies junior youth officials and adult youth officials in Connecticut under the auspices of US Lacrosse. Training is provided by CWLOA officials that are trained by US Lacrosse to provide consistency and the appropriate level of training necessary.

Youth lacrosse has four (4) levels of play with modifications at each level to allow young players the opportunity to learn the game while developing their skills.

U14 - Players must be 14 or younger as of August 31 preceding competition
U12 - Players must be 12 or younger as of August 31 preceding competition
U10 - Players must be 10 or younger as of August 31 preceding competition
U8 - Players must be 8 or younger as of August 31 preceding competition

Training of Junior Youth Officials is held annually. Classroom training is usually during the months of February and March. Classroom Training requires a six (6) hour classroom course for both new and returning officials. Field Certification Training requires a minimum of a three (3) hour field certification course that every Junior Youth Official must participate in to be able to officiate games. This Field Certification is usually held in March.

CWLOA does not assign youth games or officials to work these games. This is handled by each town coordinator.

All towns throughout Connecticut are encouraged to hold a Junior Youth Official program individually or jointly. To learn more about setting up a clinic for your town, please contact our youth coordinator

Fees for trainers are

$350.00 for an officials' classroom clinic
$40.00 per hour, per official for field certification clinic - Minimum of two (2) trainers for 3 hours.

Recommended game fees

$75 certified HS official

$50 Youth official (over 18 Adult)

$35 Youth official (under 18)