Connecticut Woman's Lacrosse Officials Association offers certification and training for youth and adult officials who work public, private, middle school and youth lacrosse games in the State of Connecticut.

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New Umpire of the Year: Erica McLean
Umpire of the Year: Kevin Laska
Most Improved Umpire: Katie Calnen
Founders Award: Connie Chapin


No Awards Presented



New Umpire of the Year: Madeline Collins

Umpire of the Year: Gary Douglass

Most Improved Umpire: Sherry Landry

Founder’s Award: Cindy Fabian



New Umpire of the Year: Ray Wachtarz

Umpire of the Year: Jen Caro

Most Improved Umpire: Liz Longley

Founder’s Award: George Longyear



New Umpire of the Year: Diane Alicea

Umpire of the Year: Erin Michaud

Most Improved Umpire: Shelby Dattilo

Founder’s Award: Dot Harrop



New Umpire of the Year: Joe Carrino

Umpire of the Year: Gigi Begin

Founder’s Award: Ed McGinn



New Umpire of the Year: Erika Wixted

Umpire of the Year: Lee Landeck

Founder’s Award: Ed Bebyn



New Umpire of the Year: Ellen O’Donnell

Umpire of the Year: George Longyear

Founder’s Award: Patti Klecha-Porter


New Umpire of the Year
Awarded to a first year umpire who has demonstrated positive growth and development throughout the season. Criteria to consider may include on-field performance, attendance at meeting(s), feedback given by partners, any observations that may have occurred, and attending games of veteran umpires.

Umpire of the Year
Awarded to an umpire who has been an active CWLOA member for 5 or more seasons, who demonstrates the highest standards of officiating including on the field work and off the field work. Criteria to consider may include current rating, on-field performance, years of membership, interaction with colleagues, volunteering time to CWLOA and/or greater lacrosse community.

Founders Award
Awarded to any past or present CWLOA member who has contributed to the lacrosse community for the greater good of all involved in the sport of women’s lacrosse. Criteria to consider may include years of membership, volunteering on boards/committees, time and energy dedicated to growing the sport of women’s lacrosse on local level and beyond.